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Our Memories Can Be Healed

Our life begins like a blank piece of paper.  People and circumstances all leave a mark on that paper.  Some marks are beautiful, and some marks are ugly.

Everything that we have experienced in our life, has created a memory.  Some memories are good, and some memories are bad.  Memories are stored in our mind.

At times there are many memories clustered around a particular big event in our life.  For example losing a loved one through death, being a victim of crime, divorce, domestic violence, losing a job, or ill health.

As a result of the big event we may have experienced feelings of anger, resentment, depression, or guilt, as part of the process of grief.

Sometimes these feelings get locked into us, and drain our energy, and block the joy, that previously flowed through us.

Bad memories hurt.  They can make us nasty from the pain.  You can be set free from painful memories, that form negative attitudes, cause ill health, and wrong behaviours.

Hurting, fearful and frustrated people are consuming enormous amounts of alcohol, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills to try to blot out past and present hurts.

MARBLES will help you on the journey through the healing of memories, that leads to inner healing of pain, giving you peace of mind.
IF Who You Are has formed Deep Hurts

We are accustomed to the idea of passing on to our children a physical inheritance of what they look like.

We need to become accustomed to the idea that we also pass on to our children their emotional health.

Never having felt wanted, either rejected or unloved, by parents or family, causes deep hurts within a child, that will shape the child's personality.

Psychologists tell us that lots of emotional energy is spent trying to repress bad memories, and negative emotions.

Rejection and feeling unloved is the cause of agony that will stay with a person, until a process of healing of memories has begun.  Through this process of inner healing, peace of mind will follow.

It is very important for us to achieve emotional health ourselves, in order to pass it on to the generations that will follow us.
IF What You Have Done has caused you Deep Hurts

If you have done something wrong, or committed a crime, you may be living behind the prison bars of your mind.  You may be overcome by shame and disgrace, after inflicting pain or distress on someone.

Your past memories may plague you.  You may hear a condemning voice in your head, bringing up your past.

You may feel guilty and be punishing yourself physically, or mentally, or punishing other people.  You do not have to be this way.  You cannot change the past, but the actions that you take today towards forgiveness, can reshape your future.

Learn to make things right with the person that you have offended.  Learn from your mistakes, and do not repeat them.

Begin the process of healing of memories, to find out why you act the way that you do.  Then transform yourself into what you can be, making right choices that lead to freedom from guilt, inner healing and inner peace.
IF What Has Been Done to You has Caused Deep Hurts

Even before we are old enough to recall, our mind records in our subconscious, every fear or traumatic experience.  Hidden trauma may present itself in our personality as inferiority, lack of confidence, or timidity, and loneliness.

Remembered, unresolved trauma may present itself in our personality as anger, aggression, hatred, envy, or bitterness.  All of these things are very bad for our health.  These things also make the people around us suffer, and often reject us.

We need to resolve our trauma, so that our trauma does not keep us in bondage, ruining our future.

Experiencing trauma is part of life.  We need to learn how to handle the experience.

We can remove post-traumatic stress, through healing our memories, that leads to inner healing and peace of mind.
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    Healing Memories
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