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 Changing Circumstances 

Our vision statement:  Building capacity in schools to become safe, happy, productive institutions of learning, and to produce students with a zero tolerance for violence and abusive behaviours.

Our mission statement:  To have at least one No-Excuses Corrective Training Facilitator (NET) in each of our our nation's schools, in order to guide our schools into safer futures.

We have scheduled training to enable Facilitators to conduct No-Excuses Corrective Training in schools throughout New Zealand.

The Facilitator will take responsibility for setting up new circumstances in the educational environments in their selected school

NET Facilitators will be equipped to offer design, commissioning, staffing and continued operation of corrective training units, for students with behavioural difficulties.

No-Excuses Corrective Training Facilitators will work in conjunction with principals, teachers, students, and local authorities to reduce levels of disruption in the classroom.

This will be achieved by following a Memorandum of Understanding, with the intention that by working together as a united front, a zero tolerance for violence and abusive behavior in the classroom, and school grounds, will be achieved.
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